Tuesday, 23 September 2008

no clutter, no cry

I'm finally making progress. I have filled my g-plan (yes, I said plan) with buttons and ribbons and yarns, oh my. I have a clear floor in my room/office/studio (yuck)/den/space. I am not the tidiest woman on the planet but I do love a good sort out. In fact, I can spend a great deal of my time sorting out rather than actually doing stuff.

I am now the proud creator of 3 gadget socks - woolly bags for phones/ipods/psps/ds's. I am planning to sell these at our local school fair. I have also created 4 crochet scarves, a pair of HUGE baby socks and some crocheted corsage flowers. I have been telling myself that I need a plan for my first foray into retail but, guess what, I don't have one. I have been flicking through my comprehensive collection of knittng magazines (that sentence in itself is a worry) and then trying to match patterns with my comprehensive collection of yarn. Needless to say this results in some quite unusual experiments. Nothing I make is the size the pattern says it is going to be.

I should make tension squares. Every knitting pattern in the world includes instructions to make a tension square. I would like to conduct a survey to discover how many knitters EVER knit a tension square. I don't do it mainly because I don't like the phrase tension square - it makes me think I should worry about knitting and, let's face it, knitting is simply wrapping wool around needles and making rows of knots. That shouldn't be worrying, at all.

I started a new course yesterday - I have enrolled on 'textiles and multimedia' at Cirencester College which is located in a castle. I've never been in a castle unless it was on an outing and it was amazing to sit in a room with proper castle-like windows. We had to sketch and make and generally get going quickly as the sessions are only two hours long. Having been used to long leisurely days of the art course at Swindon it was all a bit of a blur. We did have to spend a significant amount of time, however, thinking about hazards and health and safety. There wasn't a body among us who was under thirty. Methinks the world has gone mad.

I'm just off to Swindon to return the lovely library books I've had the good fortune to have over the summer. I shall miss that library - fantastic magazines and periodicals.

The rest of the day shall be spent writing, writing, writing.

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Only Me said...

Your g-plan is marvellous - my gran had one.

Health & Safety has definitely gone mad - one needs to be very careful with A3 paper - nasty paper cuts! I know a good first aider .... umm, well in 'theory' I am - I've done a half day course - in practice I'm rubbish! I find wet paper towels work a treat!