Saturday, 20 September 2008

matters in my own hands

The last week has involved sitting, knitting, sniffing and watching my dear E breathe. She suffers from random, quite infrequent asthma attacks but when she gets one, does she get one. It's quite sobering watching your children breathe. It may sound a little hysterical but there are occasions when they don't sound as if they're going to, particularly in the middle of the night.

I am lucky to have a very patient and very caring neighbour, H, who used to be a nurse and who kindly came to watch E breathe one evening at about 11pm. It can be difficult to know when to panic. Fortunately I didn't need to.

I didn't leave the village between Sunday night and Thursday morning apart from a visit to the local health centre. I bought a G Plan sideboard for my wool on Thursday and two winter coats on Friday. There seems to be a direct correlation between feelings of claustrophobia and inappropriate spending. I must watch out for that. I did need coats though - I am still wearing my parka and, now I'm nearly 41 I get more funny looks a) it's not from Boden b) it's not a Barbour c) I look like a teenage boy with wrinkles in it d) it has an orange lining.

My new coats are a) very red and very seventies b) navy, quilted and a bit seventies. I'm sure I'll still get funny looks.

I went out today to try to convert non-knitters to the yarnside. Sometimes I marvel at my nerve. Whilst trying to nab bargains for their pre-schoolers and bumps, several NCT members were approached by me and asked about knitting. As random as this sounds, most of them were interested. Admittedly a couple of them looked at me as if I'd offered them a dram of malt whiskey at 11am on a Saturday morning but, some, even some men, said they might give it a go.

Yippeee!!!! My evil yarn plan is working.

Must go, we have our second round of visitors arriving this afternoon. This week - spiced chicken thighs with roasted veg and a warm spinach salad followed by apple crumble (again). The whole thing has to be arranged around Strictly. Strictly is sacred in our house. I'm not sure whether the visitors will agree but they are going to be lured into the living room with snacks and then subjected to Brucie and Tess and Gary Rhodes who has my vote for 'most likely to be a dancing demon'.


LittleBrownDog said...

So sorry to hear E has not been well. We've had a (mercifully short) brush with asthma, and I know it is terrifying. Onwards and upwards with the knitting - you sound as though you're becoming a knitting evangelist. You'll be knocking on doors next.

Only Me said...

Strictly's back - hooray - we're already hooked - forget X Factor. Gary Rhodes - un point! He was very, very manic. I liked John Sargeant but am not sure how long he will last!

Hope you had a lovely, lovely time with your visitors.