Tuesday, 9 September 2008

back to school

Well, the first day was last Thursday but this week is really the beginning of term and the first whole week.

I finally got the smell of goat out of my favourite suitcase - I'd foolishly used it as the dirty laundry container at the glampsite. My room (or studio as G, rather irritatingly has christened it) is now painted. J has had his first day at secondary school and has survived. I'm sure his voice has lowered and he's being very, very grown-up. He literally ran out of the house on Thursday morning, desparate to escape his fussing parents. I don't know who was more bereft myself or the lovely G.

I had a lovely day on Friday with my dear friend, S. We went to Compton Verney (www.comptonverney.org.uk) which I'd heard described (rather unfairly as it turned out) as the most pompous gallery in the United Kingdom. My only complaint? The longish walk from the car park in the rain up to the main house. I'm sure it's beautiful in summer sun but not in relentless Warwickshire drizzle. We saw an exhibition called the Fabric of Myth, exploring the myths of Arachne and all sorts of other gorgeous goddesses and how the cutting, unravelling, attaching and spinning of thread and yarn is carried through in many artists' work.

You probably had to be there to enjoy it but there was a great section on textiles being used to explore and break down feelings of or actual incarceration and another of how found textiles are used to express loss and memory.

On the third floor was a great exhibition of folk art which I'd never really seen as a body of work before. Loads and loads of ideas popped into my head. Unfortunately we had to go to Tesco on the way home though so my ideas were dissolved by thoughts of butter and milk and whether we should have chicken or beef for lunch on Sunday. Hey, ho!

I've also been to my first knitting event. Oooh it was marvellous. I took the 8.55am train to Londinium and arrived back at my nearest market town at 8.55pm after spending the whole day thinking, breathing and, of course, buying wool, yarn, books about knitting, more wool.

I went to the second Iknit event at the Horticultural Halls (www.iknit.org.uk). Those guys have really got it sewn up. They got together some great stalls, some fantastic speakers, the Yarn Harlot amongst them and kept all those knitters happy for eight hours long.

I loved it. I want to go again.

This week, so far, I've been to the gym and for a swim and I've watched the rain. I'm contemplating a quick trip to Get Knitted right now just to cheer myself up but I have a horror of driving on motorways in the rain.

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Only Me said...

Have to agree with you that Compton Verney was a most excellent day out - even after travelling a slow, twiddly, drizzly route there and home via Tescos. It was lovely. The knitting exhib also sounds great - I may have to get a ticket for next year too.