Tuesday, 12 August 2008

time for tea

The optimum gap between two cups of tea is, quite coincidentally, two hours. I have learned this and many other truths from our builders. I was a little shocked by their sheer numbers yesterday but today there are only eight in the house so I feel a little more relaxed.

The beloved and I spent the evening on the sofa watching Dragon's Den. It reminded me of when we first moved in together when we would buy singular pieces of furniture as and when we could afford them. Our house had the required minimalist camping look last night, complete with dust sheets and bare wires.

Progress is being made - we now have a totally tiled shower room and the rain has stopped long enough for our external decs to be decced. Gales are forecast this evening though so I expect to spend the evening worrying about the scaffolding.

The small people are being quite amenable. As long as the day is punctuated by playing supermariokart on the wii, they appear to be able to rub along nicely. It is lunchtime, however, so I need to get them fed before the sugar levels drop.

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Only Me said...

Am impressed that it is as long as 2 hours between cuppas - do biscuits for dunking need to be supplied?

Thought the last man on Dragons Den had very dodgy eyes last night but he got his money.

Anyway, am pleased progress is being made and I know it will all look very lovely when finished.