Tuesday, 19 August 2008

questions of great importance

1. The Olympics - why?

2. The Olympics - have all sporty men lost their body hair in some freak Beijing depilation accident?

3. The Olympics - how many times can we hear the same news about the same medals?

4. The Olympics - am I missing a sport appreciation gene? How did this happen? Should I seek a cure?

5. The Olympics - are we going to have to be relentlessly sportified for the next four years? I will have to emigrate.

6. The weather - why do we have summer at Easter and winter in the summer?

7. The weather - will I ever get my washing dry?

8. The summer holidays - why have my children become agoraphobic? Should I be pleased it's saving the tread on my tyres and revel in this activity? Should I be concerned at their complete lack of interest in days out? Are they understimulated? Will they look back and bemoan their summer slothfulness?

9. The summer holidays - why do packed lunches take twice as long to make in the morning as the night before?

10. The summer holidays - why does five weeks seem like a prehistoric era at the beginning and a gnat's life by the end?

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