Tuesday, 8 July 2008

woe is me....

Sometimes things can get a little tricky and it appears that this week is one of them. My perpetual positivity has waned a little over the last few days and I find myself at home surrounded by things I should be doing and, indeed, want to do but with no energy to get off my widening backside and do them.

I've come into college to return some books and to get some inspiration from the magazines. I'm hoping that by meeting up with one of my old tutors I'll get going again. I also need to go to the supermarket as the contents of our family fridge run to a punnet of moulding strawberries, a lettuce dated 23rd June, a packet of feta cheese I dare not disturb and three quarters of a big thingy of milk. There is no escaping it, I am going to have to brave the credit crunch and go to Tesco or Asda or, dare I say it, Lidl.

I had resolved not to listen to the news to avoid external depressors and, as mentioned, have switched to Radio 2 but I'd forgotten about Sarah Kennedy and her innate ability as a broadcaster to be generally irritating but in a really annoyingly nice way. She is now providing the first of my daily rants at the radio/tv/newspapers when she does her daily news report, randomly selecting articles written by all the journalistic doomsayers. This morning was all about wasting food and the G8 18 course dinner last night. Smacks of Versailles if you ask me but then, as Sir Bob G pointed out they are stuck up a mountain in the fog, I think we can forgive them a little troughing.

If I hear the words 'soaring oil and food prices' again I'm getting myself to the nearest Waitrose for some organic lobster and a bottle or two of dom perignon. I just don't understand why we have to be told every hour that, basically, things aren't going to get better for a long while and we just need to get on with it. I'm sure previous recessions were just suffered quietly - God, even the recessions were better in my day! Ha!!!!

PS: This week have written, re-written and written again, collaged, made bracelets and finished MM's knitted dress. I think she still needs a little work.

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