Wednesday, 23 July 2008

the week that was

I forget every year that the last week before the end of the summer term is not a good time to GET THINGS DONE. It is punctuated, more than other weeks, by random but very pleasant activities related to all things schooly. My week has also been restricted by the arrival of building materials.

I am considering becoming a cardboard artist. We will have so much packaging material in our house that it seems churlish not to turn it into a work of great and mammoth proportions.

Today I went to Coffee Pots. I'm not sure whether other villages have such a thing but it's a marvellous gathering, made even more marvellous that I am one of the youngest ladies to attend and therefore feel spritely and even younger after I've been. Coffee Pots is a gathering of wonderful women - there are gardeners, embroiderers, artists, teachers, nurses, doctors - all of them quite lovely. Today was Coffee Pots 40th Anniversary celebrated by lunch in one of those gardens that looks effortlessly lush and has been lovingly cultivated. I think it was the best Wednesday lunch I've had - ever!

I am housebound tomorrow waiting for more cardboard. The bathroom awaits.

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Only Me said...

Instead of a sand hotel maybe you could create a cardboard hotel - or maybe not!