Wednesday, 16 July 2008

turn around, upside down

I'm better again. Being better for me involves being grumpy but with a sense of humour. I find that as long as I can see the funny side, no matter how drily funny that side is, all will be well. The worst thing about my woeful times are that I haven't even got the energy to gripe about all the little things that annoy me.

I do have one disappointment, however. I'd organised a bookmaking workshop for we ladies of the village and it has had to be cancelled. By bookmaking I mean the making of books, not the other sort that involves little pieces of paper and organising betting syndicates.

I now find myself with even more free time which I am trying to be grateful for. The problem is that all this free time waits like a void waiting to be filled with less than positive thoughts.

BUT, I will not be tempted to slip back to the dreariness. I will go out and look for inspiration, at least on Friday. I feel a trip to Frome is in order. I love the name Frome, does it rhyme with room or roam ? Who knows? I went a few months ago and it has the best little selection of independent vintage/mini-label/fashion shops I've seen in any small town in the Western hemisphere.

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