Wednesday, 30 July 2008

tickets, passport, money

On Friday I am taking the kids to France. I am unpacked with only 48 hours to go. I think I've become too laid back (or, as my Dad might say, lazy). The trip will be wonderful. We're staying at my parents' house with my sister and her family for a week. It's going to be good, so good I haven't got the space to list every item of marvellousness of it. Here are some items of loveliness I can share:

- my parents live in a beautiful part of France
- in a beautiful house
- with a beautiful view
- from the beautiful pool
- they love us all dearly and they show us when they visit
- they love entertaining their grandchildren
- they look after us all

I am taking books and craft and sunblock. It was 40+ degrees earlier this week. My optimum temperature is around 23 degrees. I'm not a great heatseeker. If I was a plant I would be a hosta, or possibly an astrantia if I had to have flowers. I would not be a sunloving lavender. I like shade, air, I don't mind rain.

But, hey, what's to complain about. I'm enjoying the lack of packed lunches in my life this week, I'm really going to enjoy barbecues and sipping cold drinks by the pool. What's not to like about that.

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