Tuesday, 1 July 2008

hot stuff

It is, according to Radio 2, the hottest day of the year today. I've bounced back to Sarah Kennedy and Terry Wogan as they only mention the credit crunch once an hour. John Humphries feels the need to remind us of it every 30 seconds on Radio 4 and as the light relief is usually rape, insurgence or murdered soldiers I've decided to stick my head in the sand of easy listening and tog jokes. As someone who would be bipolar if I could only decide which way to go, it's better for me and all around me if I don't listen to the gloooooooooom.

Last week was full of excitement. My favourite aunties and uncle (unfortunately other favourite uncle was poorly) arrived at 9pm on Monday evening for 48 hours of catch up and jollity. We were up till 3am on Tuesday which was unplanned but great fun. We spent the next couple of days chatting and knitting and shopping and trying to spot Charles and Camilla in the surrounding vicinity. We had great success with 75% of these activities.

Their departure left me with a bit of slump but, no matter, my dear friend S took me to a spa in Bristol on Thursday so I perked up quite nicely thank you! There were 3 of us with my other dear friend H and each of us managed a wee snooze. My only complaint was the lack of eating opportunities and by 1.30pm we were all ravenous after a few hours of lying about, sleeping and reading our books. We went to Fresh & Wild in Bristol which almost tempted me to apply to Bristol Uni to do my degree just so that I could eat there every day. Yum, yum, yum, yum.

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