Wednesday, 2 July 2008

art attack

This morning I have mostly been doing art.

I have gessoed and painted and collaged, oh my.

I have revisited my projectforty list of things I'm meant to be doing: the water, the alcohol, the exercise and have realised that the more I do the other things on the list: the writing, the appreciating, the enjoying, the less I worry about what I look like. I find that the happier I make myself feel doing the things I love, the less junk I eat, the less wine I consume and I become less worried about doing all the shoulds and oughts and musts.

I have, however, been knitting Marilyn Monroe this week. I was given a copy of 'Knitted Icons' by Caroline Meldrum. It's hilarious, with one simple knitted doll we can recreate Gandhi, Che Guevara and Marilyn in all their knitted glory. I'm already planning an Amy Winehouse and a Kate Moss. There's a winter craft fair planned at school for October - I'm sure they'd go down a treat.

It's heaving it down with Wiltshire rain at the moment. I chose the right time to stay in and get arty.

Tomorrow I am going to the Fashion Museum in Bath for my second outing this year. My first was with E who managed, quite spectacularly, to fleece me via a substantial shopping trip beforehand and then lure me into a false sense of enjoyment in the museum before demanding less than an hour later to leave. I am looking forward to a more prolonged excursion tomorrow.
They have a beautiful collection of gloves. I want to stare at them for more than a minute.

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Only Me said...

I wonder if you should do knitted 'locals' as well as icons for the winter craft fair ...!