Monday, 23 June 2008

what a week that was....

Only 12 days since my last post and thank you to the faithful duo who left encouraging comments when I last raised my fingers to keyboard.

Ms Cameron, by the way, is Julia Cameron (nothing to with David). She's American and a writer/artist who has written several books such as The Artists Way and other such volumes persuading reluctant/lazy/tired/weary creative folk to actually get something, anything creative done. She offers lots of exercises and ideas for regular forays into the arty-fartiness that I've discovered I liked so much.

My book proposal was swiftly turned down. No worries. I expected the same and I was pleased really to actually get one printed, in an envelope and off to the ladies wot know should be published.

G & I went to Ascot last week which was lovely and a lot of fun. I was more interested in the fashion than the fetlocks but, no matter, I got the sense that everyone there in possession of a womb was in much the same frame of mind! I won. Winning meant that we lost less than we were planning to. A grand day.

We only had one child last week too with the eldest being away at a residential camp, generally running and jumping off high objects and, I hear, singing in the bath. There were no unexpected nasties in his suitcase but a very pungent plastic bag in his rucksack containing the remains of his supposedly disposable lunch from the previous Monday. Tasty!

We've had the weekend to readjust - you know what that means and a very intense 48 hours of finishing off his bedroom and moving piles of West Ham and Harry Potter memorabilia about the house.

Its Sports Day today - what joys. Sports Day for me means missing the important races while I make tea and coffee for the assembled gathering. I don't mind at all - it also means I don't have to mortify myself in the mum's race.

Changes are afoot for projectforty and my general blogging activity. If I ever get back on technological track, I'll let you know what's going to be next!

Have a good week

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