Wednesday, 11 June 2008

calming down

It's been a while since I last wrote, almost two weeks in fact. Is this proof that the more I have to do the more I get done? I think so. College finished on 24th May and I've been drifting about ever since. I've been doing the projectforty things - the water, the vegetables, even the exercise but I'm missing college and all its funny ways.

I've done a wee bit of crafting - embroidery (flowers, owls and cats), knitting (squares for a blanket) and crochet (crochet club - let's not go there). I've done some writing too, actually with a pen, three pages a day as Ms J Cameron tells us aspiring writers to do. I've organised a book-making course for the reading book/writing groups and I've submitted a book proposal.

When I look at that paragraph I feel suitably chuffed but my days, I must say, are a little lacklustre. I could, of course, put this lack of energy down to the gargantuan efforts made by myself and others in the run up to the fete. I love the fete. I love the meetings about the fete, I love the coffee and home-made cake that keep the meetings going on for several hours. I don't feel I'm quite responsible enough to be embroiled in the fete but I'm oblivious enough not to get embroiled in the complications of the fete.

I am enjoying my new status as lady of leisure though. I've got more energy with the kids and I'm not quite so grouchy as I struggle to fit 36 hours of stuff into the 14 I'm awake for but early days are showing that I need something more concrete than weeding and washing up to get my teeth into.

On that note I'm off to sew something. I feel a little experimentation coming on.


Only Me said...

How lovely to have you back on the blog - I've missed it.

I think you should feel very pleased with all your achievements - especially embroided owls!

Hope today's experimentation goes well.

LittleBrownDog said...

Ooh - who Ms Cameron? Do tell. And how do you manage ten hours sleep? Only ever seem to be able to manage about 5 or 6 these days (blame the dawn chorus) and trudge around feeling permenantly knackered - obv. the secret of your dewy and youthful mein.

Good luck with your book proposal - will be available for local outings to help you spend your advance when it comes in... Sadly all my work these days seems to be of the unpaid variety.