Wednesday, 7 May 2008

silence is golden

My PC has officially died. There were mutterings about the motherboard, whatever that is, and blue screens, apparently a very bad sign. Needless to say this is not good timing and my only PC access is now at college. College finishes in 3 weeks time. Mmmmm....another item on the shopping list.

We had a crafty session last night at the pub. I've almost finished my first sock of a new pair. Two new members came along all the way from SB. They were very nice and I'm sure I recognise one of them at least. It's like that in the country you know.

I haven't had a huge amount of time to get inspired as I'm too busy sorting out my final show, organising the house for our guests (you know who you are) and doing the usual running around thing. The kids have got haircuts tonight and we will be visiting a house that contains 9 very cute labrador puppies. I am going to put my best steely heart on/in?

Came to college to see my tutor. Tutor forgot. Am going home now.

Don't hold your breath till the next post. It may be some time.

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LittleBrownDog said...

Just been catching up (again) - and I really like the look of cousin 'it' - I'm sure I can't be alone. It does look woolly, but in rather a lovely way. Enjoyed crafting on Tues (was I the one you recognised? Only joshing) although fear it will take me some time to complete my ongoing 'project.'

Hope you get sorted out pc-wise soon, as your hand is going to get rather tired writing everything down in longhand.

See you soon. xx