Monday, 12 May 2008

the list of woe....

Things were going so well with projecforty. I was doing most of the things I tell myself I should be doing. I was going to the gym. I was getting fit and then....

- my PC died
- my car is dying
- my hayfever (I hope) struck
- I've lost the ability to sleep past 5.30am (thank you, blackbirds)
- I need to find some work

On the brightside...

- we had a lovely weekend
- I found my summer skirts this morning
- my friend has kindly lent me his car
- the sun is shining

I am writing this at college, waiting for my tutor to help me with my UCAS application. I have been here for half an hour and am feeling guilty because I think I'm supposed to be upstairs painting boards for the show. I can't wait down here any longer and must go and do my bit.

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