Wednesday, 14 May 2008

a list of non-woe

Things have improved:

- the lady at the garage told me not to worry about the noise, my car will not blow up (this still needs to be checked though)
- I have put up my show at college (no-one has laughed, yet)
- I have found a solution to my PC issues (leased laptop and mobile broadband - whey-hey!)
- I have finished a sock
- the new curtains have arrived which meant I slept past 4.45am this morning (a true gift)
- my hayfever has subsided
- I've arranged entertainments for the next school holidays
- the sun is still out
- am back on the gym run
- I've eaten most of the biscuits that I'd mistakenly put in the biscuit tin (great enjoyment, larger bottom)

1 comment:

LittleBrownDog said...

I know all about the woes of cars that make funny noises - mine has been doing so for about the last eight years.

Looking forward to seeing the show later this week - is hayfever still in abayance after today's walk? Boy is upstairs in bed with ice pack on swollen eyes, sneezing bravely. Feel like terrible mother for not dosing him up with antihistamine beforehand.