Thursday, 1 May 2008

don't put off what you can do in 20 years time

That's my motto! I've been wanting to write for twenty years and to prove I could have got that sodding degree if things had been different for twenty years. That's a sobering thought. It terrifies me that I can remember things that happened twenty years ago. I think I should just get this midlife crisis over with and be done with it.
So, dear reader (s?), I could do both. I've been given the chance to go to college and I've started writing, properly this time. I have fictional and non fictional chapters on my PC that are longer than lists and more structured than spaghetti hoops.
I'm getting there but it's taking an age.
We (or rather my beloved) are still decorating. he is almost finished with Phase I, upstairs. Phase II downstairs will include my room. I am dreaming of white walls (again) and a central work table with a fancy laptop and startlingly gorgeous pictures on the wall. I think if I show willing and reduce my pile of fabrics and assorted nonsense, I might get it.

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Only Me said...

A red laptop I hope. Hide the fabric for a while - I have an empty trunk in the attic - and your dream space will come true.