Thursday, 10 April 2008

up with the lark

I've gone from one extreme to the other, not dressed by lunchtime yesterday and up and doing by 6am this morning.

It's been great to have some comments from across the pond and from Margaret in Londonium. I hope you both come back for another look sometime and I hope, Margaret, you enjoy Cork St as much as I did. I also wanted to visit the Rebecca Hossack Gallery in Conway Street but didn't have the address with me (yes, I know - useless) so if you fancy another lunchtime trip, it would be great to hear what it's like.

It's a lovely sunny day again here in the West. We've got another trip to the paint shop planned for this afternoon as I seem to be incapable of buying the right shade of cream unaccompanied. I know my limits.

I've spent the morning progressing a patchwork quilt for J made of G's old shirts. The blanket he has at the moment came from Jaipur all those years ago when we travelled a bit. Needless to say J has no idea of the deep significance this has for his dear parents so has managed to make quite large holes in said blanket. The patchwork was easier than I had anticipated. I was inspired to continue by Tonya at Lazy Gal Quilts ( when I saw her much more beautiful, fruit-flavoured quilt. She commented on how she liked her slightly wonky seems.

Well, if it's OK for someone who's been quilting for nearly 20 years then, I too, can accept the wonkiness of my seams. Pictures will follow once I've worked out what to do with the 100-squared patch of shirt fabric I now have laid on the kitchen floor.

And what of art? I received an invitation to an interview today with our head of department at college. I am surprisingly terrified. I am expecting my recurring college dream to enter my subconscious tonight - the one where I've gone back and still haven't quite managed to do what I should have done because I was sorting something else out.


Lazy Gal Tonya said...

Wonky seams aren't wrong, they're just a different way of doing things.Glad you're going to keep working with your quilt, it sounds really fun. My friend Bonnie has been doing a lot of quilts lately with old shirts and really loving it. I'd love to see a pic of what you've got so far - I love photos of every stage of quilting.

Hope your interview went well.

Only Me said...

Good Luck on the interview - you will be brill.

I like the idea of wonky seams - I gives originality.