Sunday, 13 April 2008

Sunday girl

Blondie are playing in Bristol, yes I said Bristol. The tickets are £35 each. Here is the dilemma - would this be an unforgettable night out seeing one of the icons of 20th Century pop, or, would this be an unforgettable night watching someone who WAS a 20th Century icon and really should just give up now? I've never quite understood the appeal of going to see the Rolling Stones or the Eagles or any one of those shall we say more senior bands. In fact, I've always been quite scathing. Is that just because they were slightly before my time anyway and now that my particular favourites of yesteryear are getting to a similar stage I'm allowing myself some nostalgia? Mmmm....

On the nostalgia front we took the kids to see 'Son of Rambow' which was a bit of a risk as it was a 12a. It was fab though and had all the great qualities of a film - fab soundtrack, totally on the mark settings and clothes and some wonderful acting. Most of the cast are kids but Cheryl from the Royale Family was in it and she was really believable as a widowed member of the Plymouth Brethren. I could watch it all over again. The kids enjoyed it too.

Today I think I might set up my etsy store. I've been meaning to do it for a while and although I haven't got much to sell yet I think I'll get it going so I can pop my crafty notions on there as and when.

It looks like it's going to be one of thos annoying showery days - again.....

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