Friday, 4 April 2008

sore feet

It was worth it though. I saw some great stuff in London yesterday. I didn't want to go as I always think of Tate Britain as being a bit fusty but I take it all back and would say it's definitely as good as Tate Modern. All the exhibitions are listed at and there's some amazing exhibitions coming up too.

I saw '400 years of drawing' which was amazing but didn't have a catalogue with it, I saw a lot of collage and photomontage there and some beautiful works by Victor Passmore who I hadn't come across before.

I found Pimlico tube and had lunch at Green Park on the grass and took myself to see Anthony Gormley's Firmament at the White Cube, Mason's Yard ( The two rooms were so impressive I don't have the words to write about them. I do think it's quite blokey though - how's that for a statement of art appreciation!

Off up to Cork Street and the land where everyone just looks minted. How do they do that? Is it the two weeks in Verbier, the city breaks, the spa hotels? Or is it the lemon sweaters and brylcream? Anyway - I saw John Wesley (, very modern, minimal palette, blackoutlined pieces depicting couples and ladies in various states of undress. Liked those. And Chris Drury ( who went to the Antarctic and has done amazing inkjet prints with writing, lines, drawings and acrylics. Liked those too. My bonus was Balaguer - old master style paintings of shopping bags and cardboard boxes, really, REALLY beautiful ( and so painterly perfect.

I then went on, yes, I did, to the Southbank wanting to go to the Hayward Gallery. I'd forgotten how ugly it was and I sat outside and couldn't face going up the stairs. How pathetic is that!

I rallied shortly afterwards and walked miles to iknit ( - a fantastic knitting shop I've read a lot about. I wasn't disappointed. It had beautiful skeins of amazingly dyed yarn and the best book section I've seen in a knitting shop, ever! Had a little chat with one of the owners and then dragged myself back up the Embankment to Tate Britain - a long, long, walk.

So...that was my day, a little different from the day I'm having today - work, voluntary stuff and the kids' end of term assembly. Not bad for 48 hours.

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margaret said...

Thanks for the reminder - Cork Street is on my doorstep (well, in cosmic terms! -- let's say it's easy to get to) and I haven't been there for yonks. It's on the cards for lunchtime today.