Thursday, 24 April 2008

hair - enhancing and removing

I spent 1/3 of my waking hours today at a hairdressers in Chippenham. I fidgeted and squirmed and worried about drinking too much tea but it was worth it. I've had horrible hair for the last 8 weeks - it was horrible after I'd had it done and I couldn't justify the cost of getting it repaired. It is, after all, just hair.

Now, my new best hairdresser Hayley has saved the day - it's back to being shiny, dark and curly - just as I like it. I also had my eyebrows shaped but I can't say I'm as convinced by this procedure - it is painful, makes my head sting and the redness takes ages to go down. I don't appear to have Fiona Bruce's eyebrows either - obviously that was the look I was trying to achieve.

No matter - my hair is better and I have just enough fringe to camouflage the eyebrows until they settle down.

I managed a 30 minute cycle before pick up too. The better hair survived but only just, particularly as I seemed to be cycling through and against blustery spring wind. I am now so enamoured of exercise, however, that this has become a good thing - it makes me work harder (note to self: am not Jane Fonda).

Tonight we have a PTA meeting. Mmmm. That's another blog.

College tomorrow - I am putting the finishing touch to my credit crunch handbag. Well, it beats working for a living.


Only Me said...

I wonder if you should knit some fetching 'Jane Fonda' style leg warmers to wear whilst you exercise on blustery days - the trend could come back!!

LittleBrownDog said...

Now I do hope you had your cycling helmet on! Looking forward to seeing the new hair (it didn't look remotely horrible, by the way) and Fiona Bruce lookalike eyebrows soon. Cup of tea would be lovely - your place or mine?