Sunday, 20 April 2008

the end is nigh

75% of our family are back to school and college tomorrow. The other 25% hasn't stopped working. We've had a quiet but pleasant time with only two minor incidents of discord to report. I don't know why I am always amazed when my children get on with each other. I can't remember much of my early relationship with my sister - she was very quiet and I, well, I wasn't. We played a bit and we bickered quite a lot and there were some quite nasty instances of sabotage. We don't see each other now.

Back to the present. I have been stitching domestic cloths and fabrics ready for my return to college tomorrow. I am back in flip mode. I don't think a fortnight of reflection has helped my decision making process. I am boring myself as well as anyone else who asks me 'how's the course going'.

On a craftier note I present an initial stage of my shirt quilt. It is now pieced together waiting for wadding and a backing. I need to carve out a few hours to be able to complete it as I don't think I'll be able to leave it hanging around. It has become bigger than I anticipated and now, as I should have guessed, E wants one as well. Why does one task always lead to another?

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LittleBrownDog said...

Just been catching up - wow, sounds as though you've been busy! By the way, when you've finished E's blanket, I think I might quite like one, too. (Mind you, will G have anything left to wear by the time you've finished?)