Tuesday, 8 April 2008

a bit bitty

I seemed to do a little bit of everything today - a bit of slumping (necessary during the school holidays), a bit of legoing, a bit of tidying up and recycling, a bit of gardening (yippee!), a bit of paint buying, a bit of library going, a bit of virtual quilt making and a bit of filing.

The football is on tonight (again) so that means some extra time doing some more sorting this evening. I am a terrible accumulator of stuff, nonsense, pieces of A4 paper. I found some paperwork from a job I had in 1998 - I don't need to keep that.

The kids had their photo taken in the libary - they had to dress up as pirates. They'll be in our local paper next week. The 'Gazette and Herald' is an amazing newspaper. If nothing much happens, they print stories about people falling over kerbs or going to London for the sales - it is true. Do not think I am making this up. Consequently if a school or library are doing anything remotely out of the ordinary, the charming photographer from the paper turns up and does his stuff - bingo! in the paper.

I laugh at this interest in the minutiae of fellow Wiltshire-ites' lives but, equally, I am grateful for it. I love living in a place that's kind of like New Zealand, but in the 50s. A neighbour was recently berated by our stand-in postman for living in a bubble. When I listen to the radio too often, or watch the late news, I'm glad to be living in a bubble - safe, quietly getting on with the life I want to.

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Kathy said...

Just stumbled upon your blog via babies bottle and boys...I think I would LOVE that safe feeling of a small town. Sound so nice!