Monday, 28 April 2008

best dressed?



It's a beautiful sunny morning, so much so I can really see the cobwebs wafting across the window in 'my' room. I may not have mentioned this before but my neighbour and I share an allotment. I wished for an allotment for many years before we moved out here. I had one for a little while in Bromley but it was in between pregnancies and babies so it never really got going. That should have been my clue.

Anyway, H and I made great progress yesterday. We now have mixed salad, beetroot, chard, spinach, onion sets and coriander with space for a couple more leafy things. We dug out a weedy bed for my dahlias (I luuuuurrrrve dahlias) and I'd mowed our patch the previous day. I also redressed Ethel our scarecrow who is now sporting a fetching flowery shirt and t-shirt as skirt combo. Gorgeous.

Today I am looking through my work with my tutor in preparation for the interview tomorrow. What I should be doingn is confronting the ground elder in what were quite pleasant flower beds last year.

Although I'm dreading the end of this course for many reasons I am looking forward to spending time at home that isn't squeezed around my usual, shall we say, additional projects. I finish at the end of May which means I have a the summer term to finally do what I wanted to when my youngest started school three years ago - have a proper sort out, organise the garden, pretend I'm Nigella, Sarah Raven and Sophia Loren all at once. Isn't it fantastic to be deluded?!

PS: the credit crunch has reached the west. I overheard several yummy mummies of the gymnastic variety worrying about how they wouldn't be able to afford their Boden addiction this year. The country is doomed.

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