Monday, 7 April 2008

and finally, it works...

This is not the best photo in the world but it IS a photo and it has been taken with our previously poorly camera which, thank goodness, is now working. If Blogger allows it to upload, that is. I always have a little trouble with the images on my favourite blog-hoster.

So - first day of the holidays - tick! I've gardened, allotmented, cooked, arted and sorted out how to display my latest creation (see above). I'm wondering whether any one else would like an applique house portrait. Feedback please. I am now experimenting with a more modern looking house and, as I keep looking at, the one above looks a little plain. I think it needs more detail on the windows, or something. Not sure. In any case, it's finished and I was very pleased to be able to use my newly acquired staple gun.
I have, yet again, messed up on the book club reading. I've read my book 'Notes on an Exhibition' by Patrick Gale (next month's book) and finished it last night. I haven't started this month's and I think I've got a fortnight to read something that looks quite deep and meaningful 'An Unequal Music' by Vikram Seth.
The allotment portion of the day was very satisfying although I'm not sure whether bribing the kids to 'help' was really worth the prospect of taking them swimming tomorrow. E kindly spread the soil over the weeds and then stamped it down, really hard and J valiantly took it upon himself to edge the biggest bed and managed to throw an awful lot of weeds into the middle of the bed itself.
That'll learn me....

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