Saturday, 15 March 2008

time marches on

It's raining. I wonder how many blogs start 'it's raining'. The kids are on the wii, G is getting ready for a night out in the city and I'm putting off tidying up my room (again). E and I went to a table top sale this morning. There was no fabric, I repeat, NO FABRIC in the room. I did, however, get a stack of knitting magazines for £1 and some delightful china for £3.

That reminds me, need to look on ebay to see if I've made my fortune.I have, though, stumbled on a potential moneyspinning idea which I will share once I've done a little research. My stars say I'm creatively unstoppable which sounds a lot more exciting than unobtrusively engaging (see previous post).

Just a couple of days left at college before the Easter weekend and the gardening marathon I've planned. I suspect it will rain - ever the optimist, that's me!

1 comment:

LittleBrownDog said...

What - No Fabric?!?! What kind of a table-top sale was that?

Hoping your moneyspinning idea reaps success (and that you'll divulge its secret - am intrigued...)