Tuesday, 25 March 2008

mind the gap

I know, it has been 8 days since I last blogged. In my defence I have been to the gym four times since then and spent hours eating overpriced chocolate in the form of eggs.

We've had visitors, made birdtables and boxes, created a garden, built an aeroplane and a tank, I've tried to tidy my room (again) and I've made some more jolly felt chicks.

We've watched 2 lord of the ring films and went to see the Spiderwick Chronicles at the cinema yesterday. E has suffered 2 nightmares subsequently. Bad parent, yes I know. There is an upside, now E has experienced the hideousness of the orks and the creepy sliminess of golum, I feel that her hitherto terror of the wererabbit (wallace and grommit) can now be put into perspective.

The Spiderwick Chronicles was great - scary, I thought but very entertaining, just right for Easter. I had an incident with the chocolate eggs I'd smuggled in - I opened my packet of v. special Green & Blacks, an ogre appeared on screen and the eggs flew in all directions. Not good.

It also had this really scary undercurrent of 'dadphobia' in it - the father was absent, 'with someone else', Mr Spiderwick had ignored his family's safety because he was too busy writing about beasties and the dad at the end turned into a hideous troll. Methinks someone has issues.

Anyway....back to normal today. I have decided to spread out my sketchbooks and sort them out in preparation for the interview I may be invited to, I want to go to the gym at some point and then have a trip to ikea planned this afternoon en famille.

Thanks for all the comments - I had 4 in one go! You must have missed me. I'm still not sure about this list thing. When I make a normal list, I've always got something else to add to it so the process never does anything to make me think I'm achieving something. Is this why I am not CEO of a major multinational?

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Only Me said...

Ahh ... but how many things are you crossing off your list as done - maybe more than you are adding? So you could bea CEO of a multi-national after all!