Monday, 3 March 2008

a list of things that happened today

In no particular order:

- I went to the gym
- I ate chocolate despite telling myself I wouldn't
- I received a card from my mother
- I learned that I must decide whether to apply for a degree next year by a week on Thursday
- I worked on my cross-stitch 'to label is human, to brand is divine'
- I made tea for 4 kids
- I felt hailstones on my neck
- I woke up in the spare room
- I wished the beloved good luck for his new job
- I went to the supermarket
- I wished I could take photos
- I wish there was an extra day in each week
- I forgot to kiss the kids goodnight before I went to the gym (notice I got that in twice)
- I spent some more time looking at blogs that are far more interesting than my own

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