Wednesday, 26 March 2008

I knew I shouldn't have started this...

I knew I'd get myself into trouble one day. I've been quietly getting on with my sketchbooks, sorting out loads of stuff at home instead of going to college and trying to get organised and rustle up some work (preferably paid) for when I finish my foundation year in May.

What do I do? I start having ideas. I took it upon myself to email a suggestion (knitting/crafting related naturally) to the programmer of the Big Screen in Swindon (see: I received a reply to call the gentleman in question and we had a very pleasant chat about how knitting was great but not necessarily that engaging as an on-screen proposition. I could see his point and I did wonder who or what he was imagining as he was talking to me. Anyway, he said he'd give my number to one of his colleagues.

Twenty minutes later I'm agreeing to be interviewed on local radio as, luck would have it, they're talking to an American author about her knitting group related novels and they wanted someone in Wiltshire who knows about knitting groups! So, tomorrow at 2.45 apparently is the time of my call. Crikey. This has prompted me to re-ignite 'crafty coffee' but this time, at night, AND in the pub. I got a funny look there as well.

So, no more ideas for me. Back to my sketchbooks.


Frog in the Field said...

We have these ideas and then scare ourselves to death when these opportunites come along!
You'll be fine!

LittleBrownDog said...

No, no - we DO want more ideas from you! Definitely!

Gutted to have missed you on radio - a mutual friend spilled the beans when we bumped into each other at the shop/village gossip nexus this morning - hope there's a recording we can all listen to on Tuesday night. (Preferably one that doesn't sound like a bumblebee stuck in a bottle... in case that doesn't ring any bells, try this: