Tuesday, 11 March 2008

I have left the fence....

A decision has been made - I am going to apply to do a BA Fine Art (Drawing) at dear old Swindon college. This, I hasten to add, does not mean I shall be starting a degree in September. I'm applying because if I don't I won't be able to do so at a later stage without starting again. This way I can apply, defer if I want to and then spend a year earning the wherewithall to pay for the tuition. The only way I will get a grant is to banish G to the divorce courts and that seems a little selfish. I feel self-indulgent enough just thinking about spending three years contemplating my creativity with a bodkin in one hand and possibly a pencil in the other. I suppose the expression is - watch this space - the likelihood is that you may have got bored by then anyway.

Today I have mostly been having 'ideas about my final project' - I got to 11 and then stopped. I have lots of ideas but not a great deal of skill to bring them to triumphant fruition. It didn't help that H the photographer who sits beside me seemed to have some kind of sighing syndrome today. It must be very trying for him to sit next to a middle-aged mother of two instead of H the textile darling who sits at the other end of the room - she's a much more suitable booth buddy.

As part of my application I have been provided with a reference which describes me as 'unobtrusively engaging', 'quirkily original', 'self-challenging' and 'occasionally convoluted'. If I'm feeling brave, I'll post the whole thing sometime. It was very odd being described by someone who I have such a limited but unique relationship with. Odd.

Anyway....I also went into Swindon town centre and bought some stickers to finish my collage and some more bananas. Me and mine must have the highest levels of potassium in Wiltshire. I often think of Peter Andre when eating a banana as, you may remember, he gave himself banana poisoning whilst filming the iconic video for one of his forgettable pop tunes when he emerges from the surf looking rather shiny and muscly.

I digress....bananas, apples, potatoes and two reduced steaks for supper (very economical). I think the Sainsburys I visited must be one of the oldest in the country - not very sainsbury-fied and no smiley posters of Jamie Oliver. An unexpected plus for the day.

G is ironing. Having asked him to iron his stuff when I was working I now feel positively guilt-ridden when I hear him get the ironing board out. Is it right I let him iron now I'm contemplating my creativity and not bringing home any bacon? Answers on a starched linen pillowcase please.

PS: Will the commentor (you know who you are) indicate whether you are happy to share your little secret with my wide and extensive readership? I'm sure your secret will remain relatively secret....


Only Me said...

I have to confess to not ironing! Only on the very rarest of occasions - for interviews, weddings and funerals. As G has got into a lovely routine of doing his own ironing, he could perhaps just carry it on - could he get away with cuffs and collars only?

LittleBrownDog said...

Hmmm - divorce courts the path to wealth and freedom... now there's a thought... But it would mean putting one's own rubbish out I suppose, and having to use that scary air-pump thingy at the petrol station.

Not sure I'd know what to make of "unobtrusively engaging" and "occasionally convoluted" - probably as well I'm not doing your course as the tutor would probably have to add "quizzical and sulky" and "perhaps a bit unpredictable when armed with a knitting needle" for me.

Yes, I think ironing is positively good for men. Helps them keep in touch with their feminine side - so important in a world otherwise filled with football and programmes featuring Jeremy Clarkson.

Re: secret - yes, the wider world may as well know...