Monday, 10 March 2008

he's a poet and now we know it

I went with my delightful reading and writing friends to see John Hegley last night at the Egg Theatre, Bath ( I'd heard of him but couldn't for the life of me remember any of his work. He was very funny - a sort of cross between Billy Bragg and Peter Kay but from Luton. I didn't expect him to sing so much but he did, even managing to get a fairly reticent Bath audience to sing along with him. Most impressive.

He looked as if he was enjoying himself which must be important for a sole performer. His series of poems about animals left me a little cold but then that's because I'm not into animals that much. I particularly liked his 'brother in law' poems.

I'm planning to email him as he talked about a maori tradition and idea of ancestors lining up behind you in life - very much like some work I did a couple of years ago with a group who use something called 'systemic theory' to work out issues, problems and conflicts. The exercise they gave us was to get a group of objects, nominate each object as people in our lives and then position them on a board or area of the floor. The act of doing that and reflecting on that is amazingly powerful. Sounds simple but it really does make you think about how you sit amongst those you love (or not) most.

And another yet another article about being tired all the time. Here's a little oprah-fied something to help out with that. As well as making interminable, unachievable lists (including those things that move along the lists and never get done), make another list of all the things you actually achieve during the day. I've been trying to do this whilst watching trashy telly and it makes you feel amazing when you've got a couple of days/weeks of stuff achieved in front of you.

NB: This list also works with, exercise I've taken, things/people/stuff I'm grateful for, stuff I never thought I'd have

I swear it works - have a go....


LittleBrownDog said...

Yes, he was great, wasn't he. I'll let you into a secret if you promise not to tell anyone. The reason I was miming was because I can't sing. No - I mean I REALLY can't sing and was trying to avoid the embarrassing spectacle of striking up in a strange drone in completely the wrong key...

Will try that systemic theory thing you mention, which sounds interesting. Do you choose an object to represent yourself, too? Hmmm - just looking around the kitchen for inspiration, I think I would be the fruit bowl, my husband might be the packet of All Bran and my son would be the tub of felt-tipped pens... Now what does that say about our family (or perhaps my perception of it...)

Do let us know if you get a reply from his John-ness.


Anonymous said...

You don't need a separate list: just add things you've done to the list of stuff to do, and then cross them off. Very satisfying!