Monday, 31 March 2008

Happy Monday?

We had a funny old weekend. Part DIY frenzy, part practical shoe-shopping, part sitting in a traffic jam outside Cribbs Causeway for an hour.

On the CC subject - I remembered whilst sitting in the traffic jam that I swore never, NEVER to go to Cribbs at a weekend, particularly a wet weekend. Due to my significant error I allowed myself a wee trip down memory lane when the gridlocked traffic meant that myself and my two marvellous aunts were unable to leave the lovely mall until quarter to seven in the evening. We were so high on latte we could have rocket-fueled our way down the M4 but, no, the shops stayed open and we had three extra hours of browsing. Not fun.

On this particular occasion I had taken the boy for school shoes, trainers and football boots - yes, all three. We managed very well thanks to JJB Sports, NOT JD Sports (again, my error). I also used G's left over Argos vouchers to buy a shiny blow up gym ball so that I can find my abdominal muscles which went missing just about 11 years ago.

Lovely, I thought. I will organise the playroom so that I can do a bit of exercise in the mornings when I can't get to the gym (yes, dear reader, I said gym - I'm enjoying it, I still shudder when I say I'm enjoying it).

Little did I know that when I left to go the gym and restock our cupboards on Sunday morning, my beloved offspring would burst nice shiny gym ball, reducing it to possible knitting material (if you can slice it, you can knit it). That's where it all went wrong.

I won't go into too much detail as we were all fairly traumatised especially on one hour less sleep. It doesn't suit our family psyche to be tired.

Needless to say, Sunday wasn't great.

But - hey, Monday's been much better - G's been to work, the kids have been to school and I had several hours being arty with jey?, jaye?, jeye? cloths. If, indeed you see said cloths on your travels - any colour accepted - please purchase and send to me for reimbursement. I've got blue but am sure there are other colours that are just waiting to be sewn and stitched and drawn on.

I've nearly sorted out how to get a battery for less than £50 to replace the one that has died. Pictures will follow - promise....

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Milla said...

great blog - found you via a comment on LBD's whom I'm guessing (I'm clever like that) that you know. Still agog to find out what the secret you have permission to unleash to the world is. Nosey? Moi?