Sunday, 16 March 2008

dry, not high on Sunday night...

I was brave, I took v.1 of 'money spinning idea' to a friend's house last night .3/4 were positive, 1/4 pointed out that it was very country cottage and maybe not ideal for a modern interior - which is fine and I agree. I'm going to do another one this week inbetween cleaning and cooking and colleging (oh my!) just to see if I can be more modish and contemporary. The problem with asking friends though is that they're well, friends, and I suspect reluctant either to hurt my feelings or incur a project related strop.

The priority though is to get our camera sorted so that I can take photos of my new idea and start rustling up business. If I can bear walking into Swindon to college tomorrow, I might have some luck getting it fixed.

On the writing front, I've entered one poetry competition and am finalising a short story to enter elsewhere (no, not there!) by the end of the month. Nothing ventured, nothing gained and nothing financial is being gained as you might have gathered so I must do something to make myself feel useful.

I have also formulated an equation related to country living:

years living in countryside x size of vehicle + av. carbon emission = greater distance travelled in the middle of the road


Only Me said...

Great equation - should at speed be added into the total!

Hope there has been progress on the photography front.

LittleBrownDog said...

Can't wait to discover what money-spinning idea is - does it involve knitting?

Good luck with the writing comps - the only thing I've ever won is a giant sized stuffed toy in the school raffle.

Not sure how I'd fare in country-living equation, except that I always seem to end up in the ditch as everyone else is driving in the middle of the road - do you ever find that?