Sunday, 24 February 2008

this sporting life...

In the interests of being a proper mum (which, I have recently been informed, I need to work on!), I am doing the sports run this morning. J's football match has been cancelled so we're off to rugby instead. Having agreed to the expedition, I am now quite happily ensconced in front of the pc in my dressing gown watching the clouds gather and listening to the end of Match of the Day. Two hours freezing an a rugby pitch are losing what little appeal they had in the first place.

E is going to her friend's house while G finishes the spare room. I admire his perserverance and his devotion as he is painting it all a lovely chalky white just like I asked him to. He loathes painting white so he is proving his love decoratively speaking.

I am not at college next week so am going to have a 'to-do' week, organise said spare room, sort out the woeful curtains we have in our house, buy myself a new hosepipe and get the lawnmower serviced. I have however, sorted out my office/studio and have a lovely clear desk decorated with pompoms. If my camera was working I could show you. Perhaps I should add 'fix camera' to the list.

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