Tuesday, 12 February 2008

things i heard today

I travel to college by car. The sun is in my eyes on the way there and on the way back. I listen to Terry Wogan because I am getting old. The older I get the funnier I think Terry Wogan is, particularly, when he tries to impersonate other random old fellers like Donald Sinden.

This morning the news started with tales from Guantanamo Bay and the Twin Towers bombers, it moved on to how a shopping centre in Peterborough is using a sonic device to 'disperse' teenagers, how a man was murdered by a 17 year-old and finally on to a woman who is massaging sheep and cattle, particularly bulls because they get bad backs. I'd had enough by the time I got to college.

Are children/young adults between the age of 11 and 20 really that bad? Or are the bad ones just getting all the attention? And how did the makers of the sonic device work out that their invention could be used for such a purpose? Apparently it makes a noise that anyone over the age of 25 can't hear. Does this work in reverse? Is Terry Wogan's breakfast show inaudible to anyone under the age of 25?

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