Thursday, 21 February 2008

speedy half term

We're not doing much but time is flying by. I have had computer issues. I still have them. I needed a battery for my bios. What does that mean? They never told me part of my complex it equipment was powered by a camera battery. I did some virtual laptop shopping which was swiftly scuppered by the beloved whilst waiting for the battery to be inserted. I returned the curtains I wasted time buying and I've made cakes and knitted half a sock. I bet Hilary Clinton hasn't done any of that this week and she calls herself a presidential candidate.

I took E to writing group today. I did my usual and wrote three pages of words I'll never go back to. I was compared to Maeve Binchy - isn't she 110? Is she alive even? I don't know. T had made some lovely chocolate shortbread though and E read out her story about a sugar house (like mother, like daughter).

J & G have gone to football. It's decision match day today. Every six weeks there's a tense couple of weeks until the letter comes saying whether he can go again or not. It's funny to think how some of the things our children do now will stay in their memories for ever. Some people define their whole lives by what happens during that time when they can't choose which memories to discard. If they're told often enough they're marvellous - I'm sure they truly believe it, if their experiences are less than positive they believe them too.

ASDA have started a juice bar in their Cribbs Causeway store - taster cups of tropical gumption, goki berry and raspberry and something and mango gave me quite an unexpected zing. It also made me buy prepared pineapple, pomegranate and mango chunks - yum. I also noticed that they were presenting bottles of chilled chardonnay next to the office sandwiches. Another potentially explosive combination.

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LittleBrownDog said...

Oh, I do wish I'd stayed to hear E's sugar house story! It was very brave of her to read it out. But I'm sorry to hear you won't be revisiting the writing you did - I thought that counsellor vignette was wonderful and definitely worth developing. If you don't use it, I think I might steal it... (although at the moment I seem to be channelling Florence from Chesil Beach, and I don't know how she would fit in to that scenario)