Wednesday, 13 February 2008


It has taken me ages to get round to it but I thought I'd have a wee trawl through the rest of blogger to see what others get up to. I used the links on my profile and discovered the following:

There are 29,700 bloggers who are interested in knitting
18,900 bloggers are interested in laughing
8 bloggers are truthful enough to reveal that they are interested in pretending to exercise
130 like the telly
42,000 are interested in food
22 like dahlias
AND the crucial statistic is.....there's only one blogger who is interested in being nearly 40 and that is, you guessed it, me!

Does this explain why I have a very select, special and unique group of readers? And how can only 130 people be interested in the telly when nearly every home has one and we spend, on average quite a lit of time watching it? I find these figures fascinating and will be delving further.

This last statement may be of concern seeing as some of the things I am most interested in are the least interesting to others. Perhaps my blogtime is coming to its natural end?

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LittleBrownDog said...

Oh, no - not an end - please. Sometimes it's good to be a bit different. For instance, I can't find any other bloggers with an interest in arranging cushions on my sofa - unsurprisingly - and only 13 others who like annoying their husbands, which I do find very surprising. Rather more worryingly there are 1,000 of us with an interst in world domination...

PS I for one hardly ever watch telly, by the way.