Saturday, 2 February 2008

I'm nearly a centenarian...

This is my 94th post. This may not be as important to you as it is to me but I'm pleased with myself. The best thing about projectforty for me is that it's made me write, at least once, maybe several times a week. For someone who thinks about writing quite a lot more than actually writing, it's been a change for the positive.

So - how to celebrate. What would be great is to get 100 comments - say by the end of February, which means that you, dear reader(s?) need to firstly, actually comment and, secondly, get some of your mates to too.

To do this (and I admit it's a bit of a faff the first time), click on where it says 'x comments' just below the post. If you don't use blogger already, I'd suggest you sign up for a google account and go from there. It's quite easy but it takes a little time and then, of course, you'll need to remember it the next time.

It's Saturday morning and we're just starting the day. I have a wee small person (aged 7) at my elbow, smelling of breakfast apple juice, asking whether we can take the school pet shopping today. The school pet happens to be a 3ft tall stuffed something or other called Rocky. Bringing Rocky home for the weekend is a treat - don't get it myself.

Enough of this rambling - here's a bit more....As my beloved has lost 11lbs since the New Year, I really have to get myself sorted again with the eternal (yet seemingly doomed) makeover. I'm going to start again with the whole 'body as a temple' thing as, clearly, my body is less a place a worship, more a wild, neglected garden shed.

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Only me said...

Congratulations on reaching 94 (blogs not age that is) - I'm looking forward to the big 100! Hope Rocky had fun shopping!