Monday, 18 February 2008

home alone

It's the first day of our half term. I have four children in the house, bickering is minimal (so far) but I am starting to hear raised voices. I am choosing to ignore them. This is not my usual tactic but I am interested to see what will develop.

We spent the weekend in and around Porstmouth. We went to stay with an old friend to meet other old friends who we haven't seen since the babies were, well babies. I'm always amazed at how, when you meet old friends, your relationship reforms as if the years were actually months. As they say, it was good to talk.

We saw the Mary Rose and the Warrior at Porstmouth dockyards, travelling over on the ferry from sunny Gosport. Luckily it was an icy sunny day so we could feel the idea of the sunshine if not the benefit.

Sunday we took Grandma out for lunch to a pub that used to be a portakabin. We ate too much and the portions were HUGE. I was given a portion and a half of apple pie, I left a portion. That's how much food they were giving us. Obscene really in 'no waste' lent.

I've just started the boy's socks, having finished the girl's. Grandma was very impressed with my ribbing. I think she now wants to make a pair for her 'friend'. I have been sent on a mission to find suitable sock wool. Watch this space.

Am enjoying my moochy, sort-out morning. It's gone quiet though. I think I need to go upstairs. There could be trouble ahead....

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