Thursday, 14 February 2008

hair today, gone tomorrow

I have let my hair get straggly so I can have the pleasure of having it all smoothed, coloured and layered today. I last had it cut in the first week of December so it's a good eight weeks. I have to get it coloured now, well I don't have to, I prefer to but I really enjoy the way the colours lighten and waiting for the point when I simply have to go and get it done.
I go to a salon in Swindon (lordy the fabulousness of it) but it's taken me six years to find someone who can really cut my hair. I get quite anxious each time I go in case Zoe is moving, pregnant or retraining to be a marine biologist.
Don't think for a moment I'm having my hair cut on valentine's day for a reason. My beloved went to visit one of his oldest friends last night and having been abstaining from alcohol since January 1st was planning a (mmmm) beer and a curry. I am expecting him to be a little weary y the time he gets home. Details tomorrow.

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LittleBrownDog said...

Great socks!

Funnily enough, I too am having my hair cut today (tho' not in Swindon) - also nothing to do with the date. I think it's been forgotten in our house. At least it has by me.