Wednesday, 6 February 2008

football on, 2nd blog of day....

I've been having a wee wander and have come across (who's UK based) and (who is in Australia). They are both committing to a 'less waste' policy for Lent. I know I've missed the first day but I think it's such a fab idea I'm going to have a go too.

Admittedly a shopping trip on the first day means increaed subsequent effort but tomorrow is Thursday and a good day to start a new idea.

As well as wasting food, money etc, I think I'd like to look at wasting energy, time and effort. Blogwandering excepted, I spend an awful lot of time wasting my precious time (especially now I'm 40) and energy (especially now I seem to have an exhaustible daily amount) on doing stuff I'm not really that interested in.

I'm not daft enough to avoid doing all the necessary stuff but I want to minimise my effort doing what's needed and maximise my time/effort spent doing all the great stuff. I know it's stating the bleedin' obvious and I'm not sure it's very godlily-correct but 40 days is a good chunk of time to make some changes (and, spookily fits in with the projectforty theme - now why didn't I think of that earlier?!)

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