Wednesday, 6 February 2008

every cloud has a silver satin lining

I have had an epiphany - no, it didn't hurt. I think it might be time to return to my true love of textiles at college. Fine art is so, well, arty. I am not sure my cynical nature can allow my creative nature to find its true calling. I think draping, wrapping, knitting, crocheting, stitching and embellishing will convince my less charitable half to accept any creativity I might be able to sum up.

I artistically deliberated whilst on a trip to get knitted in Bristol and John Lewis. John Lewis was a disaster. I was sent specifically for curtains - I bought the wrong length. I just don't do soft furnishings. Which doesn't really bode well for the decision above.

It's a beautiful day today, most spring-like. This has resulted in window envy as some of mine/ours are trying to grow algae like structures at the bottom. I'm hoping Anthea Turner does not turn up with her white gloves. I don't think I would get any extra points for sock knitting.

Watched 'Mistresses' last night - spent the hour waiting for the handcuff scene with watsername from the hairdressing show and for the dead husband to pop up. Both happened but am going to have to wait next week for the carnage. I thought that the pregnant one could have told spermless hubby about the dubious parentage of bump in the starbucks across the road from the baby shop rather than actually in front of the buggies. That seemed a little heartless. And why, for goodness sake did she not go off with the hunky lawyer who wasn't so needy and controlling in the first place?

All this for a show I was set against watching in the first place....

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LittleBrownDog said...

Aha! So that's why my other half was glued to the telly - he never mentioned handcuffs, and there was just a lot of very slow panning and ponderous dialogue going on in the bits I saw on the odd occasion I drifted through the sitting room...

Totally see the attraction of textiles. Sounds a lot less earnest and more fun than fine art.