Tuesday, 5 February 2008

the end is nigh....

The neck is better, I swam last night and my did my usual 20 lengths (only managed 10 last week!). Other things are not improving. We presented our work at college. I did not enjoy it. No-one else apart from the tutors commented on my work which I think is a bad sign. They didn't even say it was 'lovely'. It was horrifying. I was called 'reticent'. What does that mean? I know, of course, what reticent means but I see reticent as a good thing, a restrain, a measured response but I got the feeling that it wasn't 'a good thing' yesterday.

I spent today looking at my sketchbooks and trying to find some connection, a sign, a point of view. It's all very adolescent and I have to say my inner Victor Meldrew is finding it hard to cope with. I feel like I've got Sartre on one shoulder and Hyacinth Bucket on the other - I'm trying to take it seriously but every so often my natural, say it how it is gene pops up and I really don't think that me contemplating global consumerism is going to make one jot of difference and, frankly, there are other things I should be getting on with.

I was having a good time until they asked me to justify myself! Why did they have to go and do a thing like that?

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