Saturday, 5 January 2008

world wide webathon

I've had a little more time over the last week or so to wander around the web, mainly looking for crafty, creative sites to keep me amused and stoke the fires of my imagination. On my travels I found, an online knitting and crochet-fest, and too many artists and crafts people to mention in one little post. I was inspired, however to look at this very American but surprisingly interesting list of 50 things to do in 2008. I skipped the first section but enjoyed the rest. It's at and if you've got nothing better to do for 5 minutes, it's better for your mind and body than eating another left-over ferrero rocher.

I'm going with a few friends to see Kite Runner this afternoon. I expect it will be my first real sob of 2008. I read the book last year and cried for about a third of it so, seeing the horrors and trauma that Afghanistan and its people have gone through will, no doubt, be even more distressing.

My last cry was at 'Love Actually', yes, I know I should be ashamed but it got me again. Whilst G guffawed, I cried at Bill Nighy declaring undying festive love for his manager and at that guy I always want to call Rick Wakeman's betrayal of Emma Thompson. It gets me every time and I know it shouldn't and I curse Richard Curtis for it every year. I'm just a festive sobber.

We've started the decorating. We've moved E to the spare room and cleared out her bedroom. I can feel my stress levels slowly creeping skyward. G seems to be enjoying himself and, he's right, we do need to tidy up the place after 6 years of small, greasy fingers and footmarks on the wall. I wish I had a decorator.

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LittleBrownDog said...

Oooh, a community of knitters and crocheters - my husband would find that quite scary, but somehow I find it strangely attractive... And that American site has some useful stuff on it, too, despite being - as you say - very American. Thanks for pointing us in their direction.

Hope the Kite Runner was good - can't imagine how it could possibly live up to the book, but the trailer did look good, I must say. As for crying over Bill Nighy - I'm afraid can only say, "pull yourself together, woman!".

Happy New Year xx