Friday, 11 January 2008

wet, wet, wet

It took me an hour, a turn around and the negotiation of 6 road-floods to get home from college today. Those who know me well will know that driving is not my favourite thing, least of all through biblical-style storms and rain. The punto, however, lives to tell the tale although I was tempted to drive up a hill to let the rainwater drip back down the exhaust where, I am sure the water sits as I write and worry.

It's been a pretty good week all round. Progress on the artistic front, I feel. Two good days out and about incorporating knitting, chatting, writing and eating and a consistent approach to avoiding any new year dieting and physical improvement opportunities. G, meanwhile, has become a paragon of health and fitness - no chocolate all week, no alcohol and no snacking. He has started to mumble that all the treats will have disappeared by the time he is allowed any. My response? Serves you right for being healthy!

So, we shall see tomorrow if the floods have risen higher. Football in the morning and I am planning a craft-tastic afternoon.

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