Tuesday, 8 January 2008

to draw or not to draw

College today and five hours spent drawing fabrics and accessories draped on mannequins in a stuffy mobile classroom. It was, in fact, very enjoyable. I'm not sure about my drawing expertise but I could feel it getting better after four hours and 55 minutes - I'm sure. We also got to show our piece of work which was great. Fantastic to see other peoples' work and satisfying, if nerve-wracking to show my own. I'm wrestling at the moment with the art/craft question. Can art be produced using textiles? The creative world is divided.

I think it's fascinating how some pieces and artists become revered with an almost zealous worship. Do not, for example, say Louise Bourgeois is boring. That would not do. However, interpret your innermost thoughts and ideas with a piece of embroidery thread and you shall be banished to the winnie the pooh cross-stitch section at Hobbycraft. Art can only be made in certain ways it seems, depending on who's got the loudest voice and most persuasive sales technique. It helps, also, if you've been a little controversial or look photogenic but edgy at the same time.

I would say that art courses are one of the easiest places to witness sexual stereotyping. I have observed that on my course the textiles room is stuffed with mostly young women and the print room seems almost exclusively male. Fascinating. Mmmmmmmm......

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LittleBrownDog said...

Hmmm - to your philosophical art/craft question, I would unequivocally say yes. I mean, if a factory-produced ceramic urinal or a pile of bricks can be art, why not some knitting? And if you can wear it, even better. I'll bring my tea cozy book along tomorrow, and if that doesn't swing you, I don't know what will.

Louise Bourgeois is boring. There. I've said it.