Sunday, 20 January 2008

Tiger, tiger burning bright

The first foot is finished, done, completed. I have knitted a sock. Fanfares blared and the church bells rang - not. Anyway, the sock exists. I have tried it on and it fits. As you can see it has tiger stripes. I now have a great more respect for anyone who makes socks for a living or has no alternative but to knit their own. How did they first work out how to shape the heel? It is a mystery.
Since finishing the sock I have also started a new art focused project. Provisionally entitled 'From chaos comes order', I am using the ruined skeins of bamboo yarn I bought in Paris to crochet random lengths of yarn to explore mathematical randomness. That's what I'm telling myself anyway - it might well end up as a cushion cover. I can't create yet another scarf. I've only got one neck and only so many friends and relatives who would be seen dead wearing one I'd home-made.
It's been drizzling constantly. We had a lovely evening out last night with delicious food and wine and good company. Such an occasion always helps the weekend along. The beloved stuck to his January abstinence and I did not. I have, as previously mentioned, been improving my track record but I just couldn't sit at someone else's table on a Saturday night and not have a couple of glasses of fruity/oaky/tasty red.
My room is still a tip though so my target this week is to streamline, declutter and dust. Only in one room though. We can't take the domestic nonsense too seriously....

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SockPixie said...

Cool Sock!

Caroline, the SockPixie