Monday, 28 January 2008

still hurting

I'm still afflicted with a poorly neck but it is better than yesterday as it's been seen to by my favourite osteopath. I am so glad I know an osteopath. Today I can lift my chin as I as I want to but can't do a great deal with my right arm without feeling breathless - peculiar.

I progressed my second tiger sock last night, turning the heel whilst watching 'The Kate Moss Years' on 5life. There is something in the contrast of middle aged woman knitting socks whilst watching KM snort coke and generally misbehave whilst looking totally glamorous. I bet she can't turn a heel. There was a lot of talk about her being iconic because she never says anything, therefore we can all (i.e. ad men and people called brand ambassadors) can project whatever fantasies they have on her. If you ask me she doesn't say much because her strained, little girl voice doesn't match up to that level of surface beauty. We don't want gorgeousness to speak - the sound never matches the visuals.

Anyway, moving on - to go to college, or not to go to college. I could drive but I'm not sure it will make me feel any better and it could mean I make it worse. I'm tending towards working at home, doing lots of drawing and starting my essay. At least that way I'll give myself a chance to mend and maybe get to go to London tomorrow.

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