Tuesday, 15 January 2008

sock it to 'em

Sixteen rows of rib and 50 rows of knot. This is what a sock in progress looks like. It's an experiment. Please do not be alarmed. No-one will receive socks for Christmas because it's very difficult and VERY slow. I should have known. I like a big thick woolly yarn, knitted on sausage-thickness needles. Socks, I now know are not produced in this way.
It's keeping me very quiet, however, and I managed to have a snackless evening as I couldn't put let go of the needles just in case it all fell apart.
It's raining again and my neck hurts. I'm looking at the world through a lady di fringe. I can't lift my head up. This will be very useful at college where we will be mostly drawing heads, hands and feet.

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