Thursday, 24 January 2008

shopping with men (or a particular man....)

Today my beloved and I went shopping. This is not an every day, every week or every month occurence. We don't shop together often although I am sometimes found shopping more frequently. We had a good day.

The shop assistant in Clark's had the most badly scuffed shoes I've seen for a long time. They were like cowboy boots with those square pointed toes. He had almost worn the toes away. I looked to see if I could see his socks (don't get me started on socks again). It made me come over all middle-aged and tell his manager to give him a pair from the sales - what is the world coming to if boys who work in SHOE shops wear totally scuffed SHOES!

ANYWAY, several hours, 10 pairs of socks, several pairs of undercrackers, 2 pairs of boots, 3 shirts, 2 pairs of trousers and a coat later, my beloved had surpassed himself in the shopping stakes and at one point looked like a proper shopaholic with his hands full of carrier bags.

I bought some very unsensible boots in the sale - metallic, grey with buttons down the side. Not sure what I was thinking. I upset another shop assistant whilst translating the particularly Bristol pronunciation of 'lush' to my beloved, explaining to him slowly and a little too loudly that you don't just say something is 'lush' but 'lurrrrrrrshhhhhh'. She pulled faces behind my back apparently!

I also treated myself to my REN, calendula, "if this doesn't calm your skin down and stop it feeling hot", moisturiser and some totally reduced fabric from Hobbycraft in the name of art and craft. There was no decent wool to be had. Anywhere although I did find some zingy embroidery silks to get me going.

I am supposed to be going to college tomorrow but I have a virusey child in the house - again. I love winter. All that time spent watching small people sniff and groan and cough. No wonder I've turned to the yarnside.

If you'd like a little web-based mooching - have a look at Full of well lurrrrrrrrrrrshshshshshshshs gorgeousness.

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